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Closet Cleaning for Guatemala '11

After three days cleaning out four double sized closets full of my favorite outfits and jewels the Closet Cleaning for Guatemala '11 auction has begun and I am both thrilled and exhausted. I spent most of yesterday dressing and redressing mannequins (thank you Jenny) and photographing each outfit, carefully matched up all my earrings and necklaces (some are sets) and captured their images as well. 

Last evening I posted them to facebook and simply said, "All bids start at $1.00 from 10.7.10 - 10.17.10. Post your bids under the photo or email me your offer and I will record it in an excel spreadsheet. If you see something you want don't know the size or have a q just ask. (not out to screw anyone over just do a little funnnndraising for Guatemala) What hasn't sold of by 10.10.10 will be available at my house for a bag sale. If you see something and want to try it you are welcome to come over and check it out. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN WORN AT LEAST ONCE.
Thanks so much!"

The response has been overwhelming!!

My goal is to raise enough money to make a donation to support one families average annual income. I learned that the average income is less then my monthly salary. To put it in perspective I had enough in clothing, on one side, of one closet, to provide for a family for a year. 

I pulled out 2,500 items; tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses (some are fancy), heels, boots, scarves, hats, purses, jewelry. You name it, it's for sale. I determined that if I sold each item for a dollar I could really spread the love and still have enough left in my closet to make a fashion statement.

My friends and family have been so wonderful and supportive. Within seconds of my post I had bids and comments. I had a girlfriend shop at my house last evening and another donate a huge bag of her clothes and two of her daughters. 

This is what it is all about. I am so grateful to everyone's generosity, love and, support. I am inspired now, more than ever to see this project through and, I am more excited than words can express to personally deliver a check to Common Hope. 

If after you have read this and you too are feeling inspired please feel free to shop and post a bid if you like right here or make a donation to my PayPal icon up in the top right corner of this page.

Thank you so much!!!

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