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New day New way…

Over the past few weeks I have made efforts to simplify parts of my life while still maintaining.

It’s a BEEsy life for this girl…working like a mad woman…with one goal in mind: NICARAGUA. Oh I still plan on going in October nothing is going to stop me!

I just came to the realization that all work and no life can really bring a Jules down. This revelation didn’t occur on its own it of course needed to be pointed out, thank goodness it was.

Time had slipped away from me and a pattern was beginning to develop that I didn’t like but I just couldn’t seem to break the cycle. My life was fast tracking out of control.

I have been home from Guatemala for six weeks and completely lost my direction…

I haven’t made the time to spend with my family, my host students or, my friends. I have some many things I need to do around my house, my car, my dog…Every day is just a whirlwind…NO TIME. I haven’t been studying my Spanish or reading. I haven’t really taken much time to journal or reflect…I am still processing my trip. How do I share where I’ve been if I don’t take the time to remember it?

This must stop.

Recognizing the need and actually doing something about it has its challenges but, I am making it work.

have a plan…

Less work, more play –still making money…preparing for Nica. Oh this feels too good to be true!

I spent a nice long weekend in Boston with my sissy and her family, visited my daughter…I have been working two a three day work weeks. I am spending time my friends, we regularly meet for brunch…I had lunch with my host daughter…My kitchen is finally painted…I actually have been cooking and grocery shopping!

It’s amazing how a little tweaking can make all the difference. 

~You will never "find" time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.~
Charles Bruxton


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