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For the first time ever I deactivated my facebook account. I have used it as a networking tool for more than eight years. It has helped me with my business, my studies, my family, and my friends as a way to ‘stay connected.’ The sad but true fact is that it has become so over used over rated and over done that I have become exhausted by it.

I have lost interest.

I love my life, my family, my friends, my job, my volunteerism. Moreover, I love sharing it but, things come at a cost and, I have grown tired of the random messages from the opposite sex thinking a cheesy-come-on-line via a facebook chat/message would somehow be a turn-on for me.

Gentlemen grow a brain!

If you want this woman’s heart take a like a man…reminiscent of a country tune…because it is and it is exactly how I feel right now.

The path I am taking is one I am confident and comfortable in taking alone. 

I don’t cry myself to sleep wondering if I will ever find the right one. I don’t pace the floors searching for something to do. I don’t talk to the walls. 

I am out there living my life the way I want to live it. 

Would companionship be wonderful? Yes, do I want bar room behavior spilling over onto a web page?…Heck no!

If it is meant to be it will be. 

I am taking this show on the road doing what I do and there’s no turning back. I am living my life to its fullest…

I am not wasting time living in the past or with regret or wondering if I missed out on anything. I am happy! 

I want to write. I want to travel.

I want to explore and be free. With my camera, pen & paper and, my sweet Lucy I intend to make that happen. 

I don’t want to be tied down to the obligation of a foolish webpage that has become a fishing expedition or anything else for that matter…

I may activate my account someday it might even be tomorrow but, right now I am simplifying my life and taking more time to stop and feel the sun on my skin, the sand in my toes, and the tropical breezes that embrace me.

One day boys you will see it’s not about you it’s about me...

Nica you & I are falling in love…without facebook and I can still tell the world about it!


Sanskar Shrivastava said...

Oh Juli! this is the second time I am seeing you go, last time was when you left 360. I hope you will come back and that you will continue to post here. May be I can invite you to write on my blog too :)

Juli said...

Sanskar my sweet friend, I am not gone forever just need some space...sorting things out...I love my facebook account just don't like the online foolishness that comes with it. I hate feeling like because I am a single woman with an online profile I must want to be "hit on" by the opposite sex...I am a single woman enjoying my rich full happy life...I determine who and when I share my life with someone :) I am glad you are my blog mate!

CDerosby said...

I'm glad to see you're still live on your blog and hope my smartass comments didn't contribute to your departure. I certainly didn't mean to offend.

Anonymous said...

Hey honey...you are one of the very few that is so true and sincerly sweet. Thank you for including me in this message. I am always looking forward to someone else who is "Happy" and "positive". I love life and family and few friends I choice to have in my life. I'm mostly thankful that you are one I can Call "Friend"..Keep in touch and Thank You for All that you do in the World<3 Take care Kerrie

Juli said...

Craig and Kerrie thank you for your posts!! It means a lot that you took the time to come on my blog and leave me a message. I am taking a "break" from faceboook to recover from some of the foolish goings on...tired of a few of the boys...not you Craig you are not one of them!! I just wanna be left alone for a while. I wanna focus on my writing and things that matter to me...If a man really wants to know me he will go out of his way to know me in the live being that I am not the online persona I create...Keep in touch my sweet friends!! Kerrie with Jos good luck for me I know her recital is going to be AMAZING!