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oh the things you can do!

I started out two weeks ago with a whimsical plan, cleaning out my closet and jewelry boxes, as a way to raise a little cash. Hoping, I could make a nice donation to one of the organizations I will be working with in Guatemala.

I thought, I have some nice things, I worked for a wonderful ladies clothing store for years. Seriously, I had four double walk-in closets overflowing with more outfits than ten women could wear in a year (not exaggerating). Those of you who know me, know I seldom wear the same outfit twice. I always wear rings, earrings, necklaces (sometimes layers of them), boots or heels, belts, sweaters, scarves.  Layer upon layer of fun. 

BUT, do my friends really like my things or are they just being polite, when they say, “Oh you look so cute. I want that.” Well, it was a risk and I took it, to my supersize all of you backed me a zillion percent!

I haven’t any jewelry left –no more showy, flashing, fun outfits—well that’s not entirely true, I kept a few things. In my heart, soul and spirit; I feel so cleansed, blessed, filled with joy, peace and, love because I have done the right thing.

In doing this project, I know I have shared a piece of myself with all of my friends in a very special way. I get to see all of my old things become your new things, which makes me happier than seeing them hang in those closets and, together we will be helping a family in Guatemala for one year.

Oh! Wow! What you have done for me…You have shown me that you really do mean it when you say “Oh you look so cute. I want that.” More importantly than that any of that silliness, you have shown me you really love and support me in whatever crazy adventure I am on. You believe in me, trust in me and, that means everything to me.

Going to Guatemala last year was an eye opening experience, there were moments after I returned when I thought hmmm, no one really cared I had gone and it hurt a little. This time, however, I feel like all of you care. Every time someone asks me about my trip I am charged with an energy and enthusiasm like never before!

I wanted to raise $800 and I have…I wanted to bring Spanish literature and I am... I wanted to provide an entire suitcase of donations and I am... I wanted to make a difference and it started right here at home and thanks to you, I am! 


true.tara said...

That's just awesome..

So glad your friends came together and made you feel so loved and special.. because you truely are a rare jewel .. so the name fits perfect.. It was your heart that lead you there which means it s one of the biggest I no and I feel blessed to have you in my life.. your making a huge difference in someone elses life which is so its own reward its amazing (the gift of giving) is uncompareable...thanks you Julie for doing this for the family !!!! and thank you for letting us the facebookers lol participate in the experience.. btw I still will make another donation before you go love your heart always Tara

Jewles said...

Jules, You are a true jewel! I am looking so forward to sharing in this adventure with you! Since the day we met my mind has done nothing but wonder in the many ways we are making a difference! NOt only in our own personal lives but in the lives of so many others! God said "SHare in my light & give unto others & you to will be blessed" I have been counting my blessing every day & you my dear are one of the many wonderful blessings He has given to me! Thank you for being you & sharing yourself in friendship with me! God truly is good!
Your sister in CHrist, Jewles