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Packing the backpacks…

My daughter and I made our way through the isle of our local back to school supplier this afternoon. We couldn't help notice all the mom’s and dad’s with their little ones carefully checking each item to see that it met with the teachers specifications and of course their budgets.

We passed the composition notebooks which were $.40 each and a 24 pack of pencils were $.97 each. I stopped walking and just stood there, my daughter looked at me like what’s your problem…I have an idea, and I started grabbing the composition notebooks.

As I piled them onto her arms and mine, twenty-four in all, I explained my idea.

I am going to buy these twenty-four notebooks and make a donation to a local school. I have already begun asking my friends to make a donation to the school where I am going to be volunteering in Nicaragua. I have many people asking me why I don’t donate locally or volunteer locally well, here is the perfect opportunity to show that I do.

Poverty is everywhere. The cost of going back to school in Maine is just as difficult as it is in Nicaragua –to an extent.  This is an opportunity for me to help two sets of students, in the same way, share my experience, and perhaps lay the foundation for a future relationship between two classrooms.

Here’s my plan, challenge, dream…call it what you want but, I am going for it.

I estimated for about $3.50 per student a bag could be filled with the basic essentials needed for back to school. Granted it wont be the latest Dora, Smurf, Captain America or whatever was recently released at the movies for our spoiled American children but it will get the job done;
1 Composition notebook
2 pencils
1 pink eraser
1 pencil sharpener
2 black pens
1 red pen
1 yellow highlighter
1 ruler

I plan on taking a gallon size ziplock bag and placing each item listed in the bag as a back to school bag for twenty-four children both here and in Nicaragua. 

For each back to school bag donated to the school in Nicaragua, I will donate the same to a local area school.

The end result is that with your support and generosity, a total of forty-eight children will benefit, in two countries.

Leave a comment, drop me an email, or catch me on facebook:  beachteachn@gmail.com

Thank you!


Marika-xoxo said...
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Jewles said...

Count me in darling! Let me know what you need! soo wish I was joining you on this trip!! Im so ready for another "FEEL GOOD & MAKE A DIFFERENCE EXPERIENCE" I love you Beautiful one!

Juli said...

Thanks Jewles! Your love and support means the world to me...and I wish you were joining me too, together we can accomplish so much more! :> Maybe this spring a little 2 country tour?