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A sign a sign...it's timmmmmme

My bracelet broke today…On my spring break visit to Guatemala our tour leader, Kathleen, purchased hand woven bracelets for all of us, a little memento reminding us of our experiences together. I recall her saying don’t take it off, and when it breaks know that it is time to go back.

Well, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I have been planning my return trip and today I felt it loosen up at my wrist. I reached over to my left hand grasping at it thinking aww…it really is time to go back.

I have been working hard at collecting donations for the trip and making some changes in my work to help with financing the project. It is totally different planning your own trip and not having that nice funding package my professor had for us last year.

A girlfriend from high school has approached me about traveling to Guatemala with me and I am excited to meet with her tomorrow to see if we can make this happen. She has been working hard a creating a Web page http://gautemalawishlist-jewles.blogspot.com/ Check it out!! 

Bringing someone new Guatemala to share in this fabulous and rewarding experience just makes it even more special. Women helping women to help other women...this is my life's dream.

Spanish lesson continue…and I can safely say I would make the mistake I made last week again!

That’s all for now.


If you hadn’t taken an opportunity to visit the “wish list” please do so or click on the “donations button” at the top right corner of this blog. Even if it is $1 it is worth $8 in Guatemala so it really counts!

Thank you!!

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