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Pancake Breakfast Success!

It was a fantastical Sunday morning at Applebees in Waterville Maine; where more than 3 dozen of our dearest friends and family gathered in support of our service and exploration trip to Guatemala.

I have said this many times and likely will say many more it blows me away to have such an overwhelming response to our trip.

Julie & I just have the most amazing, committed, supportive, and loving group of friends and family –without which none of this would even be possible.

At $5 per person, generous tippers and just because donors we collected $235!

I am proud and thrilled beyond words to make this donation in all of your honors.

It was a great pleasure to walk around from table to table chatting with friends and family. We got to catch up with people we hadn’t seen in a long, long time and visit with others we see every day.

Sharing my experiences filled my heart with emotion. Last year’s trip, made quite an impact in my life and sitting with my friends reminiscing, reaffirmed that the adventure Julie & I are about to embark on is even more important than the first visit.

Julie & I both want to thank everyone that attended the pancake breakfast or made a donation to it. You are truly blessings in our lives and we sincerely appreciate your having come out that day, taking time away from your busy lives to support our cause.

Much, much love!

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Jewles said...

Beautiful Jules!Again many thanks to all who support us in our journey! It will be a trip of a LIFETIME!!