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3 weeks ago/3 weeks to go!

Three weeks ago, I bought my ticket gearing up to embark on an amazing journey from Maine to Managua, Nicaragua. Then, I sent out a ‘holla’ to all my friends and family asking for support in creating backpacks for school kids in Nica & in the USA. I also approached a local school teacher and dear friend to see if they might be interested in receiving my donation and following my journey. Three weeks ago I very anxiously wrote to my beautiful new friends in Nicaragua announcing the details of my trip and the details of my donation and they excitedly responded within minutes!
Each day that has passed since has been an unbelievable whirlwind…
I have confirmed and reconfirmed all of my destination spots from my house to my host families. I cannot wait to meet them and get to work on the projects La Mariposa has in store for us. 
I am thrilled to let you all know that operation backpack was a huge success! I have had so many friends and family members offer to lend a hand; from cash donations to office supplies –


The bags for both here and abroad are ready for packing. Thank you everyone for your unwavering support of me and my projects. I am indeed living my dreams.
Over the next week I will be making a special delivery to a local classroom giving 24 children; notebooks, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, rulers, erasers, glue stick, and scissors. I am hoping those children will help me pack up the bags for the Nica kids. While we were finishing our shopping today we scored some Spanish/English flashcards for the each of the classrooms thanks to my boyfriend’s sharp eye!
I packed up the bag tonight just to see what the weight was looking like and yikes! We are overweight by 12 pounds. But, this is why I pack early and keep checking, I have two bags that I can carry up to 50 pounds a piece in without incurring any fees so...I will need to make some adjustments to my own bag in order to get these much needed supplies on the ground in Nicaragua.
I have a detailed list of all that is left to do before my departure and I really want to express a heartfelt thanks to the extra special friends and loved ones who have pulled me aside and said, “Don’t worry about a thing while you are gone.” I cannot tell you what a great comfort, it is, knowing, you have my back while I am away, know that it goes both ways! I could not do what I do without you.
Next stop, el banco {the bank} turning over some green backs for cordobas and my local pharmacy getting the arsenal of prescriptions my doctor has prescribed to keep me healthy.
Ooooh and just in case you were wondering the wheels are tentatively in motion for Honduras and Guatemala in the spring. I stopped by Retail Therapy for all you local chicas please check out my fundraising project as my closet has been thinned once again.

Stay tuned amigos it’s almost time!


Jewles said...

SOOOO sooo thrilled & excited for you my beautiful travelin angel!!!Honduras?? oh my~~ we really need to talk!!! Be safe in your journey lovey & plzzzzzzzzz stay in touch with me!!
Many blessings to you~

Juli said...

Jewels thank you so much!! you are my bestest travel pal and one of my biggest supporters and I love you forEVER!! Yessss baby Honduras & Guatemala...We do have lots to talk about hehe. I plan on staying in close contact with you.
I am hoping to spending some J&J time before I take off!
<3 u

wwoman2000 said...

Good luck on your trip coming up! I'm returning to Honduras for the 4th time in just 3 weeks myself. This year I'm leading a team of 4 from one of our churches in SC. Next year in July I'm leading a team from GA. It's exciting stuff to be able to help! Our focus during our trips is medical, physical needs and preaching the gospel. We typically visit a lot of schools, villages and churches. God Bless!

Juli said...

Thank you!!! You must be thrilled to be heading to Honduras! I am really excited to start planning a trip there in the spring...I hope you will share lots of information with me :) I hope you have a fantastic trip! You are an amazing lady!! <3