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The plan is in motion.

One thing I have learned throughout my travels is that connections are very important. Fact is I have come to rely upon them.

Each trip I plan I always send a shout out to friends and family that may be able to help or know someone who can and I am always overwhelmed by the kindness that is extended to me.

When my darling Colby daughter suggested I write this blog as a means of sharing the many layers of women helping other women, I never imagined it would have turned into this. I am and always will be forever grateful to every one of you, for supporting my projects and your continued belief in me.

Here I go with the layers:

I spoke with a high school friend, living in the mid-west, who took the time to email me this week. We haven’t seen each other in years but, she reads my blog and really loves my volunteerism. Interestingly enough she has a sibling that teaches in a grammar school local to me, she thought we might be able to connect tying Maine and Nica school children together. Above and beyond that she offered to support my fundraiser, as if connecting her sister and I was not enough. I am thrilled and grateful! This is exactly what I had been dreaming of.

I have operation fill a back pack underway with; 24 composition notebooks, 48 pencils, 24 pink erasers and 24 rulers, thus far. For every back pack that is donated to me for Nicaragua I will donate a back pack to what I am hoping will be the above mentioned classroom…If you are interested in helping out drop me a line at:

Back Packs for Nica

I brought my daughter to Retail Therapy the store owned by my good friend Brenda, who helped me sell my clothing for last January’s Guatemala fundraiser. It filled my heart with such joy to listen to Brenda as she retold the story of how she helped me fulfill my dream, to my daughter. My daughter then turned over her own clothing. Ya she has a project too!

A few years ago, while working for a local women’s retail store, a regular patron of the shop became a friend, as our relationship built over the years and months that followed I learned a lot about her. I believe strongly in women supporting one another therefore; when she told me she was a travel agent, I kept her business card close by, knowing one day I would be calling her.

Well, call her I have! With her help I have been able to visit half a dozen countries.

This morning I called and told her I was ready to buy my Nicaragua tickets. No sooner did we hang up she was calling me back. She had found a bargain and bought the ticket for me (it was a good thing as it was the last one). I was thrilled when she quoted me the price. A HUGE savings for me and I get to leave and return exactly when I want and depart from within my own state (Mainers you know what I mean).

That excited warm feeling has begun taking over reminding me just how fortunate I am and how many wonderful, supportive, loving friends I have. From the email last night to the friend shouting across the parking lot at the market today I know you are ALL there for me as we get ready to embark on this Journey to Nicaragua together. The plan is in motion!

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