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A step toward Nica...

Two months have passed since I returned from Guatemala and slowly I have begun to renter into “regular life.” This time the transition has not been so easy. A lot of layers involving this last trip have opened my eyes, heart, soul, and spirit to things I have yet to find the words to describe.

I never expected to gain such a beautiful friend, like the one I found in Jewles. I always believed that my introverted, independent, self sufficient nature would lead me down pathways meant for only me. I found out differently. I now have a wonderful friend for life that I can share experiences and memories with and hopefully many return trips!!

I re-learned family, friends, even loves, are far too few in this world. I really have a lot of them. I feel strong support from every aspect of my life. When you are blessed with even just one you cherish them forever!

I also, learned that relationships may come and go but if you keep putting one foot in front of the other eventually you’ll walk straight to the arms of your soul mate. I am still walking but, I sense a nearness in our approach. 

I am gaining strength, in my step and a more sure footing. I know where I am going and I know what I am doing…It feels good to have a sense of direction.  I will never forget where I have been but, a forward step is a nice healthy refreshing one...

I have thrown myself into my work and have begun building that nest egg for the next big adventure. --I am taking steps to make sure I keep it real in the process too. It’s important to work and save money for these amazing opportunities BUT-- it also is important to take time to recharge and enjoy life…Balance.

October is not that far away and I am looking forwarding to making new friends and volunteering with a new organization. Nicaragua promises to be fantastic. 

This nearly off-grid organization focuses on: employment, education, wildlife rescue, reforestation, eco friendly and organic self sustaining lifestyles. Ohhh and touring is going to be amazing…the ocean, the volcanoes, the markets and DANCING…

Yes, I am still going back to Guatemala likely in the spring, a piece of me belongs there. I want to branch out make new friends, work with other projects, and learn more Spanish and more Central American culture.

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