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On my own...

I spent my whole life dreaming of the day that my prince charming would walk through the door, sweep me off my feet, and carry me off into the sunset.

That dream was long forgotten after having my world ripped out from under me. 

Trust. Belief. Faith. Hope. Love. I locked that up a long time ago.

As time moved on lonely moments would lead to half-hearted some things that fizzle in the darkness to nothingness. Late in the night I would find myself reaching out to a pillow for comfort. The cold reality set in.

Time passes. Resolve strengthens. Determination changes everything.

I threw myself into my work, enjoying a career that didn’t allow me to feel what was really going on. I loved my work and was driven to aspire higher.

Strong. Independent. Resilient. I found me.

Through my studies I found my passion, my calling, my heart’s desire though it wasn’t the man of my dreams. I had fallen in love...with a country, a people, a culture. Something no lover could ever give me.

Acceptance. Passion. Vision. The key fit the lock.

Traveling on this path gets lonely sometimes, as this life is not one that is meant for just anyone and, finding a special someone to share it with is highly unlikely but, it is the one that is meant for me. 

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