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10 Weeks to go and lots to do!

10 Weeks to go and lots to do! 

With 10 weeks to go we have lots to do before Jewles and I head out to Guatemala and wow have we been -busy, busy, busy!

Our trip arrangements are virtually all in place. The two weeks in Guatemala will be phenomenal. Adding to our excitement, I heard from a friend, I met in Guatemala last spring, from the USA and will be meeting us there. 

Spanish lessons continue. I don't know if I will ever master the language but it's certainly fun trying. I still have ten weeks to absorb a lot so keep your fingers crossed something sticks.

Jewels and I have been working hard to raise donations, cash and, awareness. We have had a Closet Cleaning for Guatemala '11 auction,  "Lightening the Load Benefit Garage Sale", a 50/50 raffle (drawing the end of November), and a Pancake Breakfast at Appelebees. 

We are hoping to pull off one or two more fun little events around the holidays.

Our goal is to fill our extra suitcases with items that are not readily available to the people in the areas we will be working and make a donation to each of the organizations that will make an impact. 

Thanks to the support of our many friends and family this goal is going to be met.

Jewels & I hope you will join us for our 
Pancake Breakfast!

The Pancake Breakfast for Guatemala 2011 on November 7, 2010 will be held at Waterville Applebees. 

Tickets are just $5 and the proceeds are going to support completion the school project with As Green As It Gets.

If you are unable attend but still want to support us you are welcome to make a cash donation through my donation button at the top right of my page or with Jewels which is on the top left of her page.

Thanks again and keep following along as the excitement and adventures continue!

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jewles said...

You are the bomb gurl! We need to chat real soon to work on the auction / dance idea! Call me sweetness!