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Yo to big fo yo britches!

As you all have come to know I love to travel, volunteer, study and work with families in Central America. I love Guatemala and Nicaragua like they were my second homes. I have strong opinions and beliefs when it comes to these beautiful yet seriously impoverished lands.

There is nothing that will set me off any quicker than debating ‘CAFTA’ or ‘development’ with someone.

I have educated myself pretty nicely in these areas and feel confident when I take on the debate that you will see things through another pair of eyes when I am done.

I have been to some of the poorest corners of the western hemisphere. I have also been to some of the wealthiest. I have witnessed firsthand some of the evils of American greed and though I am proud to be an American I am ashamed of the branding we have left everywhere. 

Years ago a dear friend from Zimbabwe and I were chatting, when she asked why I want to travel and volunteer teach, I replied, “I want to see the world, share my experience, strength and hope and would like to have my new friends share theirs with me. It hurts my heart to know so many hate Americans and I would like to know why…” She looked at me with the biggest, softest eyes and said eerily, “Do you really want to know that answer?” That has haunted me every trip since.

Flash forward, to today, I have been working diligently at raising funds and accepting donations for the past few months as I do with each trek I make to Central America. I have been working an incredible number of hours at my job. I have been writing to organizations and reaching out to anyone who will listen, anyone with a website, e-mail, -àANYONE. I raised the bar in hopes to bring some much needed items to Nicaragua in March.

I know that I do not possess the ability to change the world. I just want to make a contribution, give back, do on to others…It’s not a difficult concept. 

It’s called compassion.

The thing about living in the grand old USA is we have “access” to the internet, telephone, someone who knows someone in power, and I have been working it for all I can. I have to tell you I have experienced a big FAIL!

I am so frustrated and unimpressed.

I have utilized services for fundraising collections online and found they are a bit of a scam…Did you know they charge you hidden fees?? Ya, I was impressed. I read the fine print too, I just didn’t particularly think it was funny to sell an item for charity and have to actually pay the company more than what it sold for, then have the moron that bought it complain, it was a day later than they wanted it. I really wanted to reach through my computer and knock a few heads together. BUT nice me didn’t I simply paid the fee, took the knock on the chin and shirked it off as a bad experience not to be repeated. 

The countless number of hours I have been putting in at my job to pay my bills and raise the cash I will need for moving around in Nicaragua has worn me down. I am about as annoyed as one can get with hearing everyone’s complaining about needing to; smoke or how they haven’t had a break or that they are tired, yet turn around a pickle their liver after a shift or smoke their little brains out getting high so they can escape the reality of being an adult and party half the night. Seriously, do you not get that I am not the least bit interested…I am at work to earn a living. Furthermore, I could care less about some of the minutia drama from the corporate takeover we have been cursed with (yes I said cursed) and the toddling tyranny.  

As for these, charitable organizations that have offices in the USA and branches all over the world…helping oooooh soooooo many. I have written to companies, organizations, firms and more, trying to get; information, assistance, donations and/or money for: Spanish coloring books, text books, children’s literature, education materials for healthy livings i.e. drinking water, hand washing and teeth brushing. The only organization to respond has been the CDC and they were not that helpful. Conclusion –it always comes back to this.  The USA is just too darn big for its britches! Way too big!! We are over developed to the MAX and under aware. I am over it!

I make a conscious effort to respond to every inquiry and post to my blog, email, twitter and fan page. Why because I love what I do, I love talking about what I do and I love sharing what I do. I do my best to respond in three languages, English being the one I am best at and I respond within 24 hours or less.

For me these non-responders only strengthen my desire to walk away from the, cooperate-dorks of the world. As if I didn’t know it before…I would rather do business locally or go without. Thanks.

I hope that all of my amazing friends and family the world over who contributes in making my travel possible knows that you are precious individuals…just in case I haven’t told you yet today. Who you are and what you do, for me, my projects and for you and yours is simply second to NONE!

I have a goal one day of heading up an organization that works toward providing materials and volunteers to improve the lives of others but, I do not want to become one of those hated American organizations that makes promises they can’t deliver.


Jewles said...
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Jewles said...

Amen~ ROck on sister! IM behind you all the way! Feeling a bit left out on this trip sooo plzzzzzzzzzzz get a hold of me so that I can help you out in some way shape or form! I have more books for you to sell & a bag full of kids toothbrushes and tooth paste! I love you JUles & love all that you stand for! STay gold!

Jules said...

Thanks Jewles love you!! We will get together this weekend before your trip!! <3

Anissa said...

I am sorry the big companies blew you off .. hugs .. what can we do ? I will google coloring pages in spanish de colores espaniol well I am limited in my spanish but i think you know what i mean :)

Jules said...

I am so blessed to have such wonderful supportive friends who are always willing to just step right up and help out whenever and where ever needed. To heck with those big organizations. I got my chicas and that's more than they got any day! :) ps love the link you sent btw <3

covnitkepr1 said...

YOU are a good caring person...and YOU will make a differance.
I’ve been a follower on your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation