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Backpacks for Nica, Pancakes, You & ME!

A Complimentary Pancake Breakfast
At Applebee’s in Waterville
With Jules as your server

LL Beans famous backpack

Suitcase full of backpacks

February 19, 2012
With your donation of 1 stuffed backpack for Nicaragua ’12
$5.00 donation towards the backpack

Collect 48 backpacks - 24 for a Central Maine classroom - 24 for a Nicaraguan classroom.
Raise $250 to cover the carry on fees with the airlines.

Students in Nicaragua at La Escuela de Panama
Students at Vassalboro Community School
What goes in a backpack?
1 gallon size ziplock back containing
1 Composition Notebook
1 Blue Ink Pen
1 Black Ink Pen
1 Red Ink Pen
2 Pencils
1 Pink Eraser
1 Box of Color Crayons
1 Box of Colored Pencils
1 Highlighter (yellow)
1 Pair of children’s scissors
1 Glue Stick
1 Wooden Ruler
1 Bar of homemade soap
1 children size toothbrush
1 tube of toothpaste

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