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Kiss you...

Kiss you...

I want to kiss you.

Shadow your jaw like against touch.

Touch you scent of musk.

Saltwater and sea foam clean.

Want to kiss you near God.

Amongst strangers I dare either to stop me.

Keep me.

Want to kiss you bitter.

Tired of waiting, wondering.

Want to kiss you empty.

Steady as forever.

Small as favor.

Maybe kiss you curve where shoulder meets neck or silk of throat.

Perhaps rough of chin, inside elbows, wrists, then rest, smooth of chest.

Back, hip to hip.

Dip of belly.

Want to hold you and twine like vows.

Palm against palm.

Fingers laced and waiting.

I want to kiss you unbroken, before too many hearts snap like dried and dead things.

This longing, like fire, like hunger, like nothing before or since.

Just one, small, solitary kiss.

No questions.

No worries.

No words.

Just a kiss.





It'll probably speak volumes...

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