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Listen up! Quick lesson in time...

Listen up yo...

Let me just give you a quick lesson in time-

I am talking about time:

Time with me,


Not, no, she that used to be me time.

Not the she her,

Before her, her time.

I am talking the, me her.

The right now her.

Not the ex wife/wife her,

But, the right now in front of your face her.

The time you, spending with me her.

Not the as soon as I close my eyes you texting her,

And all the single-lady-she hers.

From in between me and her, her.

Leave’em all wishin’ they could be me...hers.

I am talking you want my time, time:


You're lonely-

You're need-

Man, don't be greedy.

I give you my time:

All of my time.

Seriously man.

What gives?

When was the last time you gave me your time?

And I am not talking no good time, time.

I am talking introducing me as the new time, time.

Stop talking 'bout the she before me time,

As if she still had the time.

Shed that old time.

Completely cleanse yourself of that old time.

The leaping forward without looking back kind time.

The no regrets for this time it's right time, time.

For you and me to have our time.

Kinda time.

Not no she time before me time.

I am talking your time is my time.

My time is your time, time...

All the time.

I wanna be your only time.

Every time.


But right now;

I am having a hard time, finding the time with you finding time, time.

So you just let me know, when you know the time.

I will be right here keeping with the time.


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