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Gifts for Guate Ahhhmazing!

Gifts collected for 2010

The long awaited wish list is now available. I have researched Common Hopes Web site and learned what are the most needed items. My goal is to carry two fifty pound suitcases filled donations. I am counting on you to help me reach this goal. 

Below you can find an itemized list. 

If each of my friends donated one item or even $5.00, I would fill more than I could carry, how fantastic would that be!

Which leads me to my next option should you be interested in making a monetary donation you are welcome to do that via my paypal account. Please check out the "donate button" on the top right corner of my blog.

Thank you so much for your support!!


Wooden colored pencils
Scissors (child size)
Scissors (adult size)
Metric rulers
Calculators (scientific)
Tape (scotch, masking, packing, duct)
Pencil sharpeners
Paper (for printers, copiers, drawing)
File folders
Children's books (in Spanish)
Simple toys, games & puzzles (in Spanish)
Blue pens
Black pens
Red pens
pencils (packs)
glue sticks
Elmer's glue (white glue)
Acetaminophen tablets
(Acetaminophen suspension)
Ibuprofen tablets
Ibuprofen suspension
Pepto Bismol tablets
Guaifenesin and Guaifenesin DM suspension
Adhesive bandages
Ace bandages (2" and 3") Tums
Multi vitamins with iron
Multi vitamins with iron and folic acid (adults)
Multi vitamins with iron (chewables)
Multi vitamin drops for infants
Prenatal vitamins
Sanitary pads (light day and/or Maxi pads)
Sanitary pads (post partum pads - Long/heavy duty)
Neosporin (triple antibiotic cream)
Diphenhydramine tablets
Diphenhydramine suspension
Diphenhydramine cream
Calamine lotion
Selsun Blue shampoo
Claritin tablets 10mg
Artificial tears 100
Boxes of 'snack' baggies
Dental floss
Toothpaste (6oz)
Toothbrushes (adult)
Bath towels
Wash Cloths
Small Soap
Small Shampoo
Infant Gifts
Disposable Diapers (varying sizes)
Diaper Pins
lice shampoo
powdered milk
toothbrushes adult size
granola bars
washable markers
baby wipes
sanitary napkins
panty liners
colored pencils
construction paper
bath towels
pencil cases
tempera paints
arts and crafts materials
wash clothes
cotton balls
printer paper (letter size)
socks, blue or black (a lot of these kids wear uniforms and can't go to school without proper clothes!)
socks, white knee high (GIRLS)
black dress shoes (think flat elementary boy and girl)
geometric games
teflon pans
kitchen knives
kitchen utensils
digital cameras

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