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Santa Claus has gone to town...

Little more than a week ago I rolled out some fundraising thoughts and with no more than the click of a button, my laptop and cell phone started blowing up…

A childhood friend contacted me about connecting her daughters’ classroom to the school I will be visiting in Nicaragua. I am so thankful to have her in my corner, every trip, every time, she is always the first one to call, text, email, share, send or like the projects I am involved with. The long awaited meeting is tomorrow afternoon. I cannot wait to announce the classroom to you all!!

My Christian friends came to me when they heard I was going back to Nicaragua and said, “You know, it should go without saying, you can count on us for our gift.” 24 Spanish bibles sharing the Christian message with our little friends in Nicaragua is both a privilege and an honor to participate in.

A wonderful friend and alumnae of Colby College reached out to me about making a donation. I was thrilled to receive her donation but even more so thrilled to hear from her. She is a beautiful lady doing beautiful things with her life and she took the time to want donate to something I am passionate about…Thank you!

I always wonder who is reading my blogs…it’s a lot more people than I thought for. A fellow, alumni of my girlfriend had contacted me over the summer and I will never forget his encouraging me to keep writing. He told me even if I was writing for myself it was a good thing but I should be aware the most unlikely of people in the most unlikely of places are likely following along. I am seeing now exactly what he meant. 

I have wonderful friends who love to share what I am doing with their friends for example, I loved passing by and overhearing them talk about things like the upcoming pancake breakfast and the backpacks project. I simply loved one friend who introduced me to his mom and aunties and as I walked away I overheard the mother say, “that’s the one he was talking about at home…” This is how we do it…spreading the word. One friend tells another and they tell another and suddenly we have backpacks in the hands of alllll those children.

I have some crafty gal pals who are wives of friends from high school and men I work with who are just wonderful people. One night last week before logging off for the night I read a status and thought I saw my name in it. I quickly went to the page of my friend and my eyes filled up with tears when reread what it said. This beautiful lady was encouraging her children, friends, and daycare families to donate gently used books to me, so I can resell them on Amazon. There is no way I can describe how that made me feel…I went to bed that night and I all I wanted to do was give her the biggest hug and tell how grateful I was that she had come into my life. 

My girlfriends, you know the ones you divulge your every last secret too, turn to for advice or can rely on to set you straight and keep you grounded…We have become even closer since my return…We love each other and I love that they don’t let my projects dominate our friendship. They let me be Jules without the fundraiser, humanitarian, student, teacher, cloak…It is nice to just relax sometimes and be a woman. Though, I will say my bestie thinks I should host an indoor yard sale pre-Nica and it is on the table and being given serious consideration.

On a craft fair mission, keeping with my commitment to shop local, I met up with the same crafty lady that is hosting the book drive in her daycare and we talked about a potential craft fair for Nica…WOW! I was overwhelmed with emotion at the sheer mention of it. I am always taken aback by the generosity of others, when it comes to backing me or my projects. There will be more to come on this in the very near future. It was quite a moment standing beside this woman, my friend, and hearing her excitedly shoot out ideas for fundraising and having our mutual friends chime in offering their ideas…a serious case of network unfolded right in front of me.

Last week at work, a secret Santa came to town; a truly amazing and wonderful friend carrying the grandest box of school supplies I have ever seen. Santa you are a sweetheart! I brought that box home and went through all that you gave to the children –your donation alone has ¾ of the backpacks for one classroom filled. I am still speechless.

Thank you all for everything that you do, have done and continue to do…you are all blessings in my life and I am very fortunate to have you in my life.


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