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And we made it!

After a night of virtually no sleep. Julie and I met up at the Portland Jetport. 

We must have looked pretty funny to on lookers as we loaded up our gear to clear security. The suitcases for the most part were bigger than both of us.

After clearing the security check point and making our way on the first plane; we began chatting it up before we knew it we were in Newark, boarding the next plane headed for Guatemala City.

We slept, actually, I slept the whole flight down...Julie was too excited to sleep!

Once, we arrived and met up with our driver, Louis, we headed straight for Antigua. We did our best to talk to Louis it was pretty fun. Our Spanish and his English allowed for more laughter than anything.

When we arrived at Posada La Merced we relaxed for a bit. The hotel is quite lovely, with it's quaint little gardens, we each took some pictures of our favorite spots.

After we had a little down time we braved the walk up to the Plaza and to La Merced-and walk we did!

The Plaza was filled with people and music. A band was playing and Santa could be found overlooking the festivities. The smells of delicious treats were in every corner.

A short piece up the road we found Freddas in case you UMA gals were wondering...We found several shops that I had visited before. I just couldn't find the grocery store! No matter how hard I tried we ended up going the wrong way. 

We ducked into a nice little restaurant for dinner (it was just the two of us) our meal was fantastic and after all that walking, we were starving. After dinner finding our way back was somewhat of a challenge. Sooo we walked and walked some more. We decided we were "walking off dinner." It wasn't until after dinner walking yet again the wrong way we walked right past the grocery store. It took us forever to get back to the hotel but we finally made it-exhausted, full and knowing where the grocery store is.

Tomorrow morning we will be moving in at Common Hope for the week and start our first shifts working construction.

Have a great night! 

That's all for now from Posada La Merced Antigua -Good Night Peeps!

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